HLA Plastic Ware

60 & 70 Well Trays

Labquip Ltd. manufactures 60-well and 72-well Terasaki trays for use in HLA typing, cytotoxicity, and other micro testing. The trays are made of virgin, medical-grade polystyrene and are available in several different configurations. All configurations will fit standard holders and can be used with multiple syringe dispensers. The volume of each well is approximately 10ul. Our specifications ensure that the complete well bottom is always visible using 100X magnification. The extreme flatness of each tray minimizes the need to refocus between wells. Our trays are surface-treated for wettability, and are available sterilized by gamma irradiation. Every tray is packaged with its own lid. Each lid has two tabs at opposite corners, eliminating the need to orient it on the tray.

DescriptionCatalog Number
60-well Low Profile Trays1004  Nonsterile
1004S  Sterile
72-well Low Profile Trays1006S  Sterile
1006   Nonsterile

Terasaki trays are packaged 100/case.
SIDEWALL HEIGHT:          Low Profile = 7.5mm

NOTE:   Sterile Terasaki trays may be used for tissue culture.

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