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Multiple Syringe Dispensers (HLA)

Multiple Syringe Dispensers (HLA)

Our multiple syringe dispensers are designed for use in the HLA/tissue-typing field.

These hand-held dispensers have been ergonomically designed with a smooth-action repeating dispenser mechanism and a longer-than-usual back plate that provides improved balance in the hand. The design allows significantly easier use with less operator fatigue and greater accuracy.

Five syringe volumes available, ranging from 25uL to 500uL, with individual-dispense volumes ranging from 0.5uL to 10uL
Ergonomic design of dispenser mechanism and back plate, allowing easier use and less operator fatigue
Six- or eight-syringe configuration
Teflon-tipped plungers
Teflon-tipped plungers
Delivery of 1/50 of total syringe volume per each press of the dispenser mechanism
SBS 9mm spacing between syringes on eight-syringe dispenser
Design that protects plungers and barrels during use
Simplified repair and exchange of syringes
DescriptionCatalog Number
Six-syringe dispensers
(6.375mm spacing)
Catalog Number
Eight-syringe dispensers
(9mm spacing)
25uL SYRINGES, 0.5uL DELIVERED102-1000-00102-1000-20
50uL SYRINGES, 1.0uL DELIVERED102-1000-01102-1000-21
100uL SYRINGES, 2.0uL DELIVERED102-1000-02102-1000-22
250uL SYRINGES, 5.0uL DELIVERED102-1000-03102-1000-23
500uL SYRINGES, 10.0uL DELIVERED102-1000-04102-1000-24
NOTE: Contact our Service Department to speak with a trained technician for help concerning repairs.

We can retrofit your current hand-held dispenser to our ergonomically redesigned version. Just send us your old dispenser and we will retrofit it with the new smooth-action mechanism and redesigned back plate-and while we have the dispenser, we will clean the syringes and replace the Teflon tips. You will get a virtually new, easier-to-use dispenser at a significant cost savings. Contact us regarding this innovative approach to updating your multiple syringe dispensers.

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