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Cell Syringes & Repeating Dispensers

Labquip Limited offers a syringe that is specially designed to allow dispensing into an entire Terasaki tray without the need to reload the syringe. This 80uL cell syringe has many features of other Labquip Limited HLA syringes. The syringe is designed for the soft-drop method of dispensing and is designed for use with the repeating dispenser.

Syringe volume of 80uL
Teflon-tipped plunger to ensure a gas- and liquid-tight seal
Durable, none-chip collar and a 2-inch stainless steel fixed needle
Dispense accuracy and reproducibility within 1% of total volume

To order the 80uL cell syringe, use the following catalog number:

Description Catalog Number
CELL SYRINGE, 80uL106-0000-00

We also offer a repeating dispenser for use with the 80uL cell syringe. The repeating dispenser enables the syringe to dispense one microliter per step with reproducibility within 1%.

To order the repeating dispenser for the 80uL syringe, use the following catalog number:

Description Catalog Number
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