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Mutation Detection


Proven mutation detection detection software that improves testing accuracy and saves time by tracking sequence quality.

Assign™ ATF is a high throughput, automated DNA sequence mutation/variant detection sequence analysis software product that produces graphed quality control information in a unique and informative manner. Laboratories are able to track sequence quality over time to improve testing accuracy and save time.

Sequencing applications for Assign™ ATF are extensive and range from testing for genetic mutations associated with a particular disease to viral genotyping. Importantly, the technology was originally developed from a user’s perspective by Clinical Laboratory Scientists and computer programmers with experience in DNA sequencing and quality assurance.

Enhanced quality of data – Base Call Score
Users are able to experience enhanced base call accuracy since the software has the ability to distinguish background noise from real data and accurately monitor sequence quality through Assign™ ATF’s unique Base Call Score (BCS) system:

Peak shape
Background noise
Lateral peak resolution

Some Key Features Include:

Tailored to an extensive range of sequencing applications
Variant / Mutation detection
Quality Control
Sequence Alignment
Efficient and rapid setup
Create reference sequences directly from GenBank and be ready for analysis in just a few minutes.
Improve analysis speed and quality by tailoring analysis according to your PCR strategy to remove poor quality and unwanted sequence.
User friendly
Straight-forward user interface and easy to interpret layout.
High throughput
Import thousands of sequences, from multiple genes into a single project for high throughput analysis.
Make visualization simple by choosing to display only consensus text sequences, and only bases that are different to the reference
Accurate base calling
Performs a dynamic assessment of background noise and compensates for this in order to perform accurate base calling, even on data with high background noise.
Highly sensitive and accurate mutation detection
Assign™ ATF uses proprietary base calling and alignment algorithms. The base caller has been designed specifically for accurate detection of mixed bases/heterozygotes.
Assign™ ATF includes an optional, patented approach to EPG analysis that normalizes the data and enables the quantitative nature of DNA sequencing to be exploited. Nicknamed ‘Picket Fence’ analysis, this approach further improves heterozygous base calling to deliver accurate detection of low level mutants to as low as 5%.
Rapid analysis – priority review and editing
Removes data analysis as a bottleneck for high throughput sequencing-based applications.
Sequence review and editing is streamlined by facilitating priority analysis of positions of importance (e.g. bases with low quality, bases mismatched with the reference sequence, user-defined variant positions, and/or user-edited positions). Assign™ ATF navigates you directly to positions matching your set criteria, substantially accelerating analysis time.
Quality driven analysis with a quality control focus
Strong focus on data quality – generates visible quality indicators based on critical quality parameters such as peak quality and signal intensities.
Allows performance criteria establishment for the acceptance or rejection of base calls, entire EPGs and/or entire samples.
Enables automatic generation of longitudinal quality control reports, allowing for run to run analysis of quality. This facilitates the assessment of the effect of changes (such as reagent changes) on sequence data quality.
Different levels of user access are available to allow only selected users to perform final reviews (Quality Control Checks), prior to result release.
Audit trail
An analysis audit trail is recorded and can be reported. This allows reference to, and reporting of, which user has performed which steps. This feature further improves quality control.
Distinctive features
Enables analysis of heterozygous insertions and deletions. Calculates the inserted or deleted bases for reporting, enabling all sequence variants to be reported.
Allows the ability to include overlapping genes and coding sequences in a single project, maximizing analysis of the impact of sequence variants.

Assign™ ATF is for Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures. No claim or representation is intended to provide information for the diagnosis, prevention, or treatment of a disease.

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