HLA Molecular Products

HLA Sequencing Based Typing

Conexio Genomics has assigned Olerup SSP AB as distributor for the HLA Sequencing product line.


Olerup is global distributor of innovative products and services for transplantation: HLA typing and for antibody detection.

Enables optional analysis of IMGT/HLA genomic references
Genotyping reports in P and G Groups
User managed Common allele indicators
HARPS reports including G groups
For use with the SBT Resolver™ product range.


High Resolution SBT assays
HLA-A and -B Exons 1-4
HLA-C Exons 1-7
DRB1 exon 2+3
DQB1 exon 2+3
DQB1 exon 2
DRB1 GSA coming soon.


Conexio has a comprehensive set of HLA Class I and Class II HARPS™. New HARPS™ are added to the product list when required to maintain high levels of typing resolution.
HARPSFinder™ is a software program that suggests the appropriate HARPS™ to resolve HLA heterozygous ambiguities. Sequences resulting from HARPS™ are analysed using Assign™ SBT.
HARPSFinder™ is intended to be used to prospectively select HARPS™ for frequently seen heterozygous ambiguities in a given population. The HARPS™ report in Assign™ SBT 3.6+ includes the HARPSFinder™ algorithm and can be used instead of HARPSFinder™ to report HARPS™ during SBT.
Contact your local Olerup rep for more information.

SBT Resolver™ products and Assign™ SBT 3.6+ are CE marked IVDs in the EU and RUO in the US and the rest of the world.

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