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Refractometers Labquip is an Authorized ATAGO U.S.A. Distributor Located in Bellevue, Washington in the heart of the thriving Great Northwest, ATAGO U.S.A., Inc. is now in a better position to provide technical and sales support to all our valued distributors and end-users. ATAGO U.S.A., Inc. is committed to working more directly with Labquip Limited, responding quickly […]

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Autoimmune Diseases

Autoimmune Diseases Labquip acquire exclusive distributorship in Canada of Theradiag auto-immunity diagnostic products. Founded in 1986 by two former employees of Abbott France, Theradiag has been dedicated, at first, to distributing in vitro diagnostics, specifically for autoimmune diseases.   As a pioneer in developing kits based on multiplex Xmap technology, licensed from Luminex since 1999, Theradiag

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PH Meters & Testers

PH Meters & Testers PH Meters & Testers Labquip is an Authorized Hanna Distributor Established in November 1991, Hanna Instruments Canada Inc. is a member of the international Hanna family, established in Italy in 1978. Our company has proven that good customer service is the key to success in the field of electro-analytical instrumentation. Keeping

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Molecular Biology Products

Molecular Biology Products DNA Polymerase The Secret of Life DNA polymerase plays the central role in the processes of life. It carries the weighty responsibility of duplicating our genetic information. Each time a cell divides, DNA polymerase duplicates its entire DNA, and the cell passes one copy to each daughter cell. In this way, genetic

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HLA Isolation

HLA Isolation A one-step method for In-vitro Isolation of pure lymphocytes. INTRODUCTION TO THE TECHNIQUEEarly procedures for separating lymphocytes from whole blood involved mixing the blood with a compound, which aggregates the erythrocytes. The clumped aggregates then settle to the bottom, leaving the lymphocytes in the upper layer. Granulocytes are also sedimented since they are

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Liquid Handling Equipment

Liquid Handling Equipment Labquip is an Authorized Jencons Distributor We are a proud authorized distributor for Jencons (Scientific) Ltd. the largest independent supplier of laboratory equipment and the largest manufacturer of liquid handling products, in the UK. Jencons built their reputation on the ability to provide customers with the best value equipment most suited to

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Terasaki Trays

Terasaki Trays Labquip Manufactures A High Quality 72 Well Terasaki Tray For Use In HLA Typing.The low profile tray is produced of medical grade polystyrene and surface treated for maximum wettability.  All sterile trays are Gamma irradiated. Description Size Catalog Number 72 Well Terasaki Tray (Non-Sterile) 100/case 1006-72 72 Well Terasaki Tray (Sterile) 100/case 1006-72S

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Anti-Human Kappa Globulin (AHG)

Anti-Human Kappa Globulin (AHG) For use as an antiglobulin augmenting reagent in the lymphocytotoxicity procedure. Anti-Human Kappa serum is prepared from goats that have been immunized with purified human kappa antigen. Catalog Number. Size Storage AHG 2ml ≤-65°C For Research Use  •  Above product requires DRY ICE for shipping

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