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Multiple Syringe Dispensers

Multiple Syringe Dispensers

These dispensers are available in five sizes for use in HLA work. They are 30% smaller and lighter than other dispensers. Each unit consists of a repeating dispenser and six individual syringes with Teflon-tipped plungers. Each dispenser also has an extended back bracket, which protects the syringe plungers and barrels during use. The entire volume scale is clearly visible so that the complete sample can be inspected before dispensing.

The straight needles will reach the bottom of Beckman-style tubes, and have up to 50% less “dead” volume than bent needles. The individual syringes of each dispenser are interchangeable, simplifying any necessary repairs. Due to the uniform design of the syringes and needles, dispensing accuracy is within 1 % from syringe to syringe.

Replacement syringes and Teflon tips, as well as a complete repair kit, are also available.

Description Catalog Number
Multiple Syringe Dispensers:1021
Replacement Syringes:1022
Replacement Teflon Tips (6/pack):1059
Repeating Dispenser Repair Kit:  1024-05
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