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Our unwavering commitment is to deliver the finest and most cutting-edge research tools to the research community, with an ongoing endeavor to expand our offerings and services in alignment with their evolving needs.


Labquip Ltd., established in Toronto in 1983

Labquip is a renowned worldwide supplier of cutting-edge biological products and technologies, with a primary focus on providing comprehensive support to life science organizations. Our steadfast dedication to exceptional quality and unmatched service ensures the development of distinctive and dependable life science products. Employed globally across medical, academic, commercial, and government laboratories, our products are indispensable in various research, clinical, and diagnostic applications. Our extensive range caters to the fields of serology, immunology, hematology, cardiology, oncology, molecular biology, and cell biology.


We specialize in providing top-notch products tailored for life science organizations, ensuring exceptional quality at every step.

Disclaimer: Devices advertised in this catalogue may not have been licensed in accordance with Canadian law.

Pooled Human Serum (PHS)​
Liquid Handling Equipment
HLA Isolation
HLA Plastic Ware
HLA Molecular Products​
HLA Serology Products
Molecular Biology Products 
Laboratory Plastic Ware
Authorized ATAGO Distributor
PH Meters and Testers – Authorized Hanna Distributor
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