HLA Plastic Ware

1.0ml Microcentrifuge Tubes

For use in the Fisher Models 59 and 59A and TOMY Microcentrifuges, these transparent tubes are made of virgin, medical-grade polystyrene, and are excellent for storage of biological samples. They are nontoxic to biologically active material, and they may be frozen to below

-70°C. The tubes are available in six transparent, noncytotoxic, nonmetallic colors. The companion caps are made of virgin polyethylene. The tubes and caps are also available sterilized by gamma irradiation. The tubes are packaged 1000/bag. For your convenience, tubes can be ordered in bags of assorted colors (900/bag, 150 of each color)

DescriptionCatalog Number
Caps for 1.0 ml Tubes1010-00   Colorless, Nonsterile   (1000/bag)
1010-10   Colorless, Sterile   (1000/bag)
1011-00   (1000/bag)
1010-10   (100/bag) (10 bags/case Sterile)
NOTE:   Tubes should not be immersed in liquid nitrogen.
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