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200ul & 400ul Serum Tubes

200ul & 400ul Serum Tubes

These tubes are precision-molded of virgin, medical-grade polyethylene. Because they are rimless, there is no need to cut off the rims or to stagger the tubes when using multiple syringe dispensers. They are available either capless or with attached, snug-fitting caps that can be torn off easily in the lab, if desired (no cutting necessary). The Serum Tubes may be frozen to below 70°C.

Both sizes are made to fit in the Robbins Scientific HLA Dispensing Racks and can be used with the Robbins Scientific Automatic Serum Dispenser (see page 24) and a variety of other dotting machines.

Serum Tubes are available colorless and in six noncytotoxic, nonmetallic colors, and are packaged in zip-lock bags of 1000.

DescriptionCatalog Number
200 ul Serum Tubes1009-03   Colorless, With Caps (1000/bag)
400 ul Serum Tubes1009-04   Colorless, With Caps (1000/bag)
NOTE:   Tubes should not be immersed in liquid nitrogen. If you wish to order any of these tubes sterilized by gamma irradiation, please contact our Customer Service Department for further information.
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