HLA Plastic Ware

HLA Dispensing Racks

HLA Dispensing Racks Available in 60, 72 and 96-hole configurations, these racks were designed specifically for HLA labs that use Beckman style microcentrifuge tubes or Robbins Scientific Serum Tubes when dispensing sera into Terasaki trays. The racks are made of sturdy, one-inch thick Lucite. The holes in each rack are appropriately spaced for use with […]

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Multiple Syringe Dispensers (HLA)

Multiple Syringe Dispensers (HLA) Our multiple syringe dispensers are designed for use in the HLA/tissue-typing field. These hand-held dispensers have been ergonomically designed with a smooth-action repeating dispenser mechanism and a longer-than-usual back plate that provides improved balance in the hand. The design allows significantly easier use with less operator fatigue and greater accuracy. Features Description Catalog

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Repeating Syringe Dispenser

Repeating Syringe Dispenser MLC, RIA, ELISA, and other procedures can now be done faster, easier, and less expensively by using the Repeating Syringe Dispenser. The Repeating Syringe Dispenser consists of a modified glass syringe mounted in a repeating dispenser. The exclusive tip adaptor allows you to attach pipet tips of different sizes. Our special features

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Complement Cooling System

Complement Cooling System The Complement Cooling System consists of 25 each 10 ml disposable Complement Cups, a reusable Lucite Cooling Block filled with refreezable coolant and a transparent plastic cover. It eliminates the need for ice buckets and crushed ice for keeping complement cool. Just store the Cooling Block in the freezer until needed. Once

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0.6 & 1.5 ml Microcentrifuge Tubes

0.6 & 1.5 ml Microcentrifuge Tubes Labquip Ltd. manufactures a wide assortment of microcentrifuge tubes for a variety of applications. These tubes are precision-molded of five different virgin, medical-grade, noncytotoxic plastics and come in a variety of nonmetallic colors. Each tube style has a companion tube rack. Microcentrifuge Tubes with the Unique Cap-Lok Seal These

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1.0ml Microcentrifuge Tubes

1.0ml Microcentrifuge Tubes For use in the Fisher Models 59 and 59A and TOMY Microcentrifuges, these transparent tubes are made of virgin, medical-grade polystyrene, and are excellent for storage of biological samples. They are nontoxic to biologically active material, and they may be frozen to below -70°C. The tubes are available in six transparent, noncytotoxic,

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200ul & 400ul Tubes

200ul & 400ul Tubes These tubes are precision-molded of virgin, medical-grade polyethylene, and are excellent for storage of biological samples. The polyethylene is soft enough to be cut easily for removal of a pellet from the bottom of the tube. The dimensions of the 200 ul tube allow a pipet tip to reach the bottom

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200ul & 400ul Serum Tubes

200ul & 400ul Serum Tubes These tubes are precision-molded of virgin, medical-grade polyethylene. Because they are rimless, there is no need to cut off the rims or to stagger the tubes when using multiple syringe dispensers. They are available either capless or with attached, snug-fitting caps that can be torn off easily in the lab,

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Nylon Wool Fiber

Nylon Wool Fiber (Scrubbed) Scrubbed, nylon wool fiber for lymphocyte separation is now available from Robbins Scientific Corporation. These fibers can be used to separate T-cells from B-cells for immunological research and HLA typing. Both human and mouse granulocytes and B-cells will adhere to the fibers, while other cells, including T-cells, will readily pass through

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