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Serum Dispenser Replacement Parts

Serum Dispenser Replacement Parts Labquip Limited offers replacement syringes, replacement barrels and replacement Teflon tips for your Serum Dispenser. Full syringes or barrels (no plunger rod) are available in the 250uL size. Needles are Teflon coated stainless steel. Replacement Teflon tips are also available to keep your Serum Dispenser in proper condition for maximum efficiency. Use the following catalog […]

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Serum Tubes & Microcentrifuge Tubes

Serum Tubes & Microcentrifuge Tubes Labquip Limited offers an extensive line of serum tubes and microcentrifuge tubes for various applications in HLA laboratories. Serum Tube Features Serum tubes are packaged in bags of 1000. Use the following catalog numbers: Description  Catalog Number (White Caps) Catalog Number(Capless) 200uL,CLEAR 100-9030-00 100-9050-00 200uL, RED 100-9030-01 100-9050-01 200uL, YELLOW 100-9030-02 100-9050-02 200uL, BLUE

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Cell Syringes & Repeating Dispensers

Cell Syringes & Repeating Dispensers Labquip Limited offers a syringe that is specially designed to allow dispensing into an entire Terasaki tray without the need to reload the syringe. This 80uL cell syringe has many features of other Labquip Limited HLA syringes. The syringe is designed for the soft-drop method of dispensing and is designed for use

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Microsyringes & Repeating Dispensers

Microsyringes & Repeating Dispensers Labquip Limited offers HLA microsyringes in five sizes ranging from 25uL to 500uL. Each microsyringe has a Teflon-tipped plunger that ensures a gas- and liquid-tight seal. Our microsyringes provide accuracy and reproducibility within 1%. They are designed for use with the repeating dispenser. The 25uL microsyringe is designed as a shooting syringe, while

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Stream Splitters

Stream Splitters Labquip Limited offers a variety of stream splitters for use with pipetting dispensers to dispense into trays. This dispense technique allows loading one complete row of tray wells at a time. Features Stream splitters are available in four formats. To order, use the following catalog numbers: Description  Catalog Number 6 NEEDLE, FOR 72 WELL TISSUE TYPING

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Complement Cups & Accessories

Complement Cups & Accessories Labquip Limited offers a line of products for handling complements in your lab. The complement cooling system is a reusable Lucite cooling block which can be stored in the freezer. Out of the freezer, the coolant in the block will keep complements chilled to below 5 degrees for more than an hour, without

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Dispenser Syringes & Teflon Tips

Dispenser Syringes & Teflon Tips Labquip Limited carries a complete line of syringes and Teflon tips to ensure that your dispensers are operating efficiently and properly-ensuring accurate dispense volumes. Syringes and Teflon tips are available in five sizes: 25uL, 50uL, 100uL, 250uL and 500uL. Syringes are designed to be easily replaced on multiple-syringe dispensers. These

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Multiple Syringe Dispensers

Multiple Syringe Dispensers These dispensers are available in five sizes for use in HLA work. They are 30% smaller and lighter than other dispensers. Each unit consists of a repeating dispenser and six individual syringes with Teflon-tipped plungers. Each dispenser also has an extended back bracket, which protects the syringe plungers and barrels during use.

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Syringe Refurbishment & Cleaning

Syringe Refurbishment & Cleaning Order by the following catalog numbers: Description  Catalog Number REFURBISH 100uL SYRINGE, TCSS NEEDLE 102-9510-03 REFURBISH 100uL SYRINGE, FLEXIBLE NEEDLE 102-9510-04 REFURBISH 290uL, 580uL, 1mL SYRINGE, TCSS NEEDLE 102-9510-05 REFURBISH 290uL, 580uL, 1mL SYRINGE, FLEXIBLE NEEDLE 102-9510-06 REFURBISH 290uL, 580uL, 1mL SYRINGE, TCSS WIDE-BORE NEEDLE 102-9510-07 REFURBISH 1mL SYRINGE, UNCOATED WIDE-BORE

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Storage Racks

Storage Racks These space-saving, stainless steel storage racks with removable handles are designed specifically for storing Terasaki trays. Two models are available: a 9 ½” high rack for use in upright freezers, and an 18 ¾” high rack for use in chest freezers. The handles allow for easy retrieval of the trays from the freezer.

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